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EHS (Environment Health & Safety)

Environmental Responsibility

At Gomti Life Sciences India Private Limited, (GLSIPL) we aim to use various natural resources efficiently and minimize the environmental impacts of our activities and products. We strive to achieve full compliance with all environment-related rules and regulations. GLSIPL is committed to safeguard the environment and contributing to social progress

GLSIPL is committed to:

⇒ Developing efficient wastewater treatment systems
⇒ Limiting energy consumption
⇒ Conserving water resources
⇒ Adopting "Green Chemistry" principles
⇒ Handling waste and recycling
⇒ Managing air emissions

We raise environmental awareness among our employees, by conducting extensive training at all levels, appointing employees as environmental representatives, performing audits and planning continuous improvements. Our EHS systems are being aligned in line with recognized standards such as ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


GLSIPL aiming to achieve “0” accident by providing the following:

  • The entire facility is protected with fire hydrant system consists of :-
    • Automated fire water pump with jockey pump, electric driven pump supplied with diesel operated pump.
    • 29 single fire hydrants.
    • 13 hose reel drums.
    • 2 numbers of fire brigade inlets
  • The entire facility is provided with fire alarm system with smoke detectors installed in more than 200 locations.
  • Fire extinguishers are installed in more than 40 locations.
  • Monitoring through CCTV cameras fitted in more than 90 locations.
  • Appropriate PPEs are available in the PPE boxes.
  • All the employees trained as per the emergency preparedness plan as approved by the Director of Factories.
  • Two Bed OHC (occupational Health center ) is in place.