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The team has the capability to synthesize target molecules involving highly complicated synthesis with 2-10 steps.

Scale Quantity
Lab Scale 1.0 g to 100 g
Kilo lab scale 100g to 1.0 Kg
Pilot Plant 1.0 Kg to 50 Kg

Synthesis of Chiral drugs and Chiral Intermediates, chiral separation can be done from Pilot plant to plant

Our Research Team has extensive experience in the following chemical reactions to synthesize variety of organic compounds.

Acylation Nitration Mannich Reaction Amination
Esterification Alkoxy dehalogenation Bromination Chlorination
Diazotisation Reductive Amination Isolation of Herbal Extract  
Claisen condensation Hoffman reaction Ullaman condensation Catalytic Hydrogenation
Vilsmeier-Haack Reaction Friedal-Craft Reaction Grignard Reactions Wittig Reaction

The Team has the expertise to handle sensitive chemicals such

Sodium Hydride Lithium Diisopropyl mide Sodium Azide
Raney Nickel/Pd Charcoal Vitride Boron Tribromide

•  R&D Laboratory is equipped with fume cupboards , Buchi Roto evaporators and required equipment to carry our synthetic reactions.

•  The scale Up Laboratory is equipped with two numbers of twenty litre all glass assembly.

•  GLSIPL has highly qualified team for preparation and characterization of impurities required for all intermediates and finished API.